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Drivers & Pilot Cars are very important to us!

It is our goal to keep everyone updated on basic state requirements, DOT contact information as well as providing information on some of the best pilot cars to help!

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We Have Pilot Cars

Drivers move and build America - and many loads require pilot car operators to help them! We commend all those who spend more time beating the pavement than they do at home!

- Oversize Load Book & Pilot Cars

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Published Articles

Education goes a long way in this industry! We're here to help you gain some additional input! We're always looking for added content provided by people in the industry...

Download Free PDF Resources!

Check out the forms that have been contributed by loyal followers in the trucking industry.  If you have a form or information you would like to contribute, please let us know!

  • Route Surveys

  • State Forms

  • Invoice Template 

  • And more!

Get a copy of the Overload book!

The Oversize Load book was created for the heavy-haul transportation industry. Overloaded with:

  • DOT/Permit Contacts

  • Truck Stops

  • M-XLG - Scales

  • State Provisions 

  • Pilot Car Requirements

  • Safety Equipment List

  • Rest Areas by Location

  • Invoice Factoring

  • Pilot Cars

  • and MORE!!


Specializing in New Trucking Authority and Reinstating past authorities.  Palm Truck Permits helps Brokers, Drivers and anyone in the trucking industry.

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