Signing Up:

This is an auto-entry website. 

And it's Easy-Peezy for you to manage!

You add and edit your information anytime throughout your membership - and it will immediately activate it.

Use IMAGE at bottom right as a reference.


Want Us to Do it For You?
If you want us to manage your account for you... I charge a one-time fee for the term of your plan as follows:



PEVO II - $30

PEVO III - $40

PEVO IV - $50

You must create a login - but you will need to give us the password, so we can edit your information the same way you would if you did this yourself. (Choose a password that you don't use anywhere else).

To utilize this service, please CONTACT ME HERE or CHAT with me at bottom right of page (daytime hours)

1. Create a LOGIN


ALL PLANS must go through the "purchase" phase.

(Even the FREE plan)
This is how we keep our lists current and updated.

3. Click ACCESS - 2 ways to do this.
(Top Right Corner on Page Header) or 
On "Advertise Online" Page under the plan you chose.


A. Creating a login does NOT give you a listing or anything UNTIL you purchase your plan of choice!

B. After Purchasing Your Plan: You're Still not finished!!
You must give your information to list in the directory page!

C. If it tells you to Choose a plan on your First Visit.. click that!  Then find your membership - click ACCESS - Voila!  You should see the form for your particular membership ability. You  shouldn't have to enter that way again


D. Bookmark the Home page:  Be sure to come back to the site anytime you need to make changes to your listing.

Why 12-Month Memberships?

Drivers like to see current lists for pilot cars. There are many sites that do not update lists; and drivers are wasting their time calling "dead" numbers.


We give them updated lists maintained by the pilot car companies; so they will return to the site.

It's vital for you to keep your information current, so they can find you!

Bookmark the site and return anytime you need to make changes.

Chat with me:

I'm available to chat many hours during the day.

Whether you have questions about signing up - or other issues, give me a shout!

Privacy Policy, Refunds, etc can be found HERE.

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