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Most Pilot Cars run nationwide.  The State's their listed under is their backyard. 

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High pole, Lead, Chase, surveys and steer

Mike's Pilot cars


Serving TN/KY and the 11 states that border

Amanda’s Pilot Escort Service


Based out of West Virginia

Abston Mountain Pilot Car

West Virginia

We are a 48 state pilot car service

S&J pilot car service

South Carolina

Pilot Car servicing Texas, Illinois and Wisconsin

Cowboy Jim's Pilot Car Service


Our goal; is to provide the professional oversize driver with the very best pilot car service we can. To safely see your load from pick up to delivery, with prompt and professional service; with the highest regard to safety. We strive to keep our rates competitive with the industry, while giving each load our utmost attention. Willing to run your loads anywhere you need to go.

T-N-T Pilot Car LLC

North Carolina

Run lead/chase.



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Marketing & Publishing

Freda Booth


Invoice Factoring

Century Finance


Oversize Haven

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for Trucking Resources

Pilot Boss

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