We're New and Improved!

It's taken a while, but we've finally moved into the modern era of automation! We've created this site to help drivers, pilot cars and others to make the connections!

Pilot Car Directory & Memberships

  • The Pilot Car directory will always be less than 12 months old - Each pilot car company is required to sign-up & renew their membership, or their information will be deleted from the list.

  • PIlot Car companies are responsible for adding / updating their own information by accessing their accounts. This helps them & it helps us!

  • We'll be adding a Community Chat once we get everything lined out properly. We had some prepaid members we're getting settled in.

Online Access to the Overload 4-1-1 Book

In the past, we've offered only a downloadable version of the Overload 4-1-1 book. You can now choose to purchase the download, and/or purchase a 12-month membership for only $20 that allows you to have unlimited online access to each section of the book. All Membership Levels allow online access with exception of the PEVO I Basic Membership.

It Takes Money & Time to Do All This for You!

Our designer has spent many hours coding in order to give us the very site we've needed for a long time! She has experience in the industry as well as web-design. We couldn't have asked for a better combination of skills to help set us apart from many other sites! Kudos to Her!

To get the site to this level, it's cost some investment on my part - and I'm sure I'm about to pay more to bring more apps and capabilities to the site. I appreciate all who

have supported my efforts along with those who join in the future! Without your support, I can't do what I'm doing - as other sites couldn't do what they're doing!

We give you another online venue - and an industry reference book to strut your stuff! I don't rely solely on social media to build my business. You shouldn't have to either!

Our membership prices are low compared to other sites! As a former pilot car; I've paid a little to be listed.. but If I wanted to be featured - I'd have to pay hundreds more for just ONE year!

While you're out there tearing up the asphalt, we're here making sure you're getting the notice and business information you're paying for!

Please Visit Our Site Sponsors!

Check out our membership plans! I can guarantee that we have one to fit your advertising needs! (All advertising expenses for your company is tax deductible)

As always, Be safe out there!

Thank you

Freda Booth, Owner


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